Micro granulator

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The Xplore Granulator post die unit is specially designed to be used to cut polymer strands into pellets (granules). The Xplore granulator does fit perfectly to our MC 5MC 15 HT and MC 40 compounder. The cutting speed has been accurately fixed to generate industrial size pellets, allowing it to be precisely tailored for further production size processing.

The Xplore Granulator has a "wide range" cutting speed drive to ensure the generation of industrial pellet length. Of course, CE and UL compliant, with a front access opening panel for easy cleaning purposes, all operating access doors are complete safety-interlocked.

An optional water bath enables you to cool the polymer strand before initial pelletizing step. The granulator carefully cuts, in a controlled manner, the fragile newborn polymer strand. This controlled cutting of the polymer strand, while in a semi solid-state, prevents from "beard" issues on the pellets. The Xplore granulator enables you to use these freshly cut pellets for a second compounding step in one of our compounders or a subsequent upscaling step in a larger extruder. 

Is there no need for a water bath the Xplore granulator can also be equipped with our Conveyor Belt Pro to guide the strand from the compounder into the Xplore granulator.


  • Cuts your polymer strand into an industrial-size pellet
  • Dedicated operating window
  • Fits to all Xplore compounders
  • Can be retrofitted into existing extrusion lines

    Note: provided information is subject to improved changes