Micro tape line

In collaboration with Prof. dr. em. Han Meijer, Xplore Instruments BV recently developed a tape line (TL) add-on, for our MC 15 HT compounder, which enables you to produce ultra-oriented foils with exceptional properties from just a small amount of material. This tape die is a unique asset for the development of new ultra-oriented foil or tape formulations. It will create new product opportunities by delivering quick reliable test results of foils and tapes with excelent mechanical properties. When connected to our Xplore MC 15 compounder it is a full-fledged ultra-oriented tape or foil casting solution for your R&D challenges.  Are you in for a game changer regarding mechanical properties of tapes or foils?

Then our TL add-on for our MC 15 HT offers you the solution: reliable and reproducible, very fast results with less material and waste and less equipment and infrastructural costs. The core of this laboratory oriented tape/foil die is formed with our MC 15 HT compounder and an insulated temperature controlled, easy to clean, tool steel housing tape/foil die. The die has an ability to adjust its slit height between 0,05 and 0,4 mm, which enables you to be flexible in your processing workflows.

A sophisticated coat hanger design inside the tape/foil die in combination with the channel plate (with 125 holes of 0,5 mm or optional 512 holes of 0,12 mm) together with the inner fiber fusion section creates an optimal flow of the visco-elastic material processed. Which results in an ultra-oriented tape/foil with excellent unique mechanical properties.

The Xplore MC 15 HT compounder will, in addition, be equipped with a pre-dosing unit, stainless steel feeding hopper and elongated forced feeding screws. This guarantees an equilibrium in the main barrel, in combination with the existing force measurement (Fv) this enables a constant throughput of molten material, hence near perfect tape or foil dimensions. The tape die temperature, cast and draw speed can be monitored on the provided control box which is part of the total set up.

The TL can produce ultra oriented tapes and foils from a minimum of 300 grams of material. The tape die itself can be easily fitted on our latest MC 15 HT micro compounders but is of course also backwards compatible with earlier models of (Legacy) MC 15 compounders, designed by Xplore.

In less than 10 min you can produce an ultra oriented thin foil out of our a heated tape die, with a thickness from only a few µm. Hence, you can make many meters of foils in continuous mode with larger sample quantities. With the TL you can further test and better optimize material formulations for foils at negligible waste and minimal costs by producing more than 20 different films per day.

note: proprietary technology

Key features and benefits

  •  The foil cast speed can be adjusted between 1000 and 10000 mm/min with increments of 1  cm/min
  •  Film necking is minimized with an "cold nose" after the die
  •  Large operating window


    Wide range of draw rates possible
  •  Possebility to produce tapes with excellent mechanical properties

  •  Support and guide film prevent tapes or foils from necking


    Can be retrofitted onto any Xplore Legacy MC 15 compounder
  •  Versatile; optional dedicated cone structure channel plate for high viscous polymers

  •  Saves costs and time

    Furthermore our continuous feeding kit for our MC 15 HT compounder enables easy auto feeding in continuous extrusion mode guaranteeing precise tape or foil dimensions

*)proprietary technology

Above: Channel plate and cross section