Why choose an Xplore conical twin screw extruder and not a parallel twin screw lab extruder?

The Xplore micro and lab compounders gives you simply much more value for money: better mixing, easy to vary residence time, longer life time (> 10 y) by the extremely robust design (motor drive, housing, barrel and screws), higher long term reproducibility, flexibel compound volume (with Vari-Batch™ technology: 15, 7 or 3 ml), higher output by fully intermeshing screws, faster and reproducible in-line shaping (injection moulding, film, (multi) filament) than any competing lab extruder; with continuous monitoring of screw torque, easy and fast cleaning with water cooling and cleaning compound, no screw design knowledge needed and easy to scale up to larger parallel twin screw extruders (not possible? Fake news from competition!). It can also be used in continuous mode if only melting and extrusion is needed (filaments, films), also vertical extrusion possible, fluids can be dosed without leakage.

The Xplore micro and lab compounders: small to medium samples, great results: reproducible, reliable, fast and up scalable. More than 30 years of Dutch craftsmanship, dedication to perfection. Your trump to beat competition!

Xplore’s next generation micro compounders are designed for formulation development, feasability studies, solving technical marketing issues and screening of materials.

Key features

  • High quality results: well mixed relevant rheological data. 
  • Reliable, reproducible, repeatable. Two times three separate heating zones offer perfect control of the process temperature. An abrasion and chemical resistant barrel, that closes fluid tight, guarantees reproducible processing and rheological data, stable and comparable over many years.
  • Fast. Excellent mixing reduces the processing time and easy to clean minimizes turn around time between batches.
  • Flexible. Sample volumes range from 2 ml* to 15 ml and recently 40 ml to enable earlier testing and reduce screening costs. Quick exchange of samples and screws to run different experiments in a short turn around time frame. Recirculation channel length, process time, mixing and dispersion parameters for different formulations and tests can be choosen at will..

* Proprietary Xplore technology, IP protected

Xplore's high quality, co and/or counter rotating twin screw micro compounders are fully fledged material processing instruments that fit on a laboratory bench or in a fume cupboard.

The core of the compounders is a vertically positioned, liquid-tight barrel with two easily detachable, conical mixing screws. Both screws and housing are specially engineered to minimize wear and to resist chemicals in a wide temperature range. The robust design ensures the generation of reproducible and stable data for years. The vertical position of the liquid-tight barrel allows the processing of low viscous fluids down to ca. 10 Pa.s.

The smaller compounder, MC 5, has the smallest sample capacity in the world, 2 ml* or 5 ml. Our proprietary Vari-Batch™ feature allows you select a batch volume between 2 and 5 ml, potentially cutting your sample costs by half. The larger compounder, MC 15 HT, can handle larger samples and has an even stronger motor. In the MC 15 HT the Vari-Batch™ technology allows you to choose mixing volumes of 3, 7 or 15 ml. Our latest innovation the MC 40 offers a larger batch sizes between 30 and 40 ml depending on the screw geometry.